The Seventh Brigade supervises the graduation of new batches from the Military Higher School of Information and Communication – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Major General Sabie Mabrouk, Director of Information and Communication of the People’s National Army, supervised today, Thursday, at the Military High School of Information and Communication in Sidi Fredj (Algiers), the graduation ceremony of new batches for the academic year 2022-2023.
And by the way, Major General Sabeh Mabrouk handed over certificates and imitated ranks to the top outstanding students, as well as naming the graduating batches in the name of “the deceased Mujahid Muhammad Alaq.”
In his speech on the occasion, the school commander, Major General Muhammad Zeitouni, touched on the most important aspects of the military and university training that the students received according to “theoretical and applied programs studied under the supervision of a group of professors and instructors in media and communication sciences.”
In this context, he urged the students to “show a spirit of discipline, loyalty to the homeland, and defense of national values.”
After that, the graduating classes gave performances to the sound of military music.
On the sidelines of the graduation ceremony, the Seventh Major General and his accompanying delegation visited the scientific workshops, where they listened to various presentations made by trainees and students, which included research projects, notes and applied workshops that dealt with several topics and audiovisual works related to media and communication sciences.
Recalling in this regard the importance given by the High Command of People’s National Army to “improving the level of training”, the Seventh Brigade called for “more perseverance and creativity in this important field”.
Finally, the family of the deceased Mujahid Muhammad Allaq was honored.

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