The third regional sessions on the development of the leather industry in Tlemcen – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Next Monday, Tlemcen will host the third regional sessions on the reality and prospects for the development of the leather manufacturing industries, within the framework of the revival and organization of the textile and leather industries in Algeria, with the participation of more than 150 dealers active in the manufacturing industries, especially from the state of Tlemcen and its neighboring states, as a pole known for the spread of these industries. .

And according to what came today, Saturday, in a statement by the Ministry of Industry, that within the framework of reviving and organizing the two branches of the textile and leather industries in our country, the National Strategic Committee for these two industrial branches is organizing, under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and under the supervision of the governor of Tlemcen, the third regional sessions on the reality and prospects for the development of leather manufacturing industries. On Monday, December 12, 2022, at the level of the lecture hall of the Wilaya People’s Assembly of Tlemcen.

These sessions will include interventions on the importance of collecting, processing and exploiting the raw material of leather, as well as the impact of importing final products on the competitiveness of the national product and ways to protect it, in addition to a presentation on training opportunities in the professions of leather industries available to young people in the national code for vocational training, adds the source who confirmed that this meeting will be “ An opportunity to raise awareness of the need to unify and join the efforts of all the actors to propose and implement practical solutions through constructive and transparent dialogue to advance these strategic industries.

On the sidelines of these sessions, a memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed to establish the second bloc of leather manufacturing industries between the General Assembly for Textiles and Leather (GITEX), leading private institutions in this field, professional associations and the National Institute for Vocational Training and Education, according to the ministry.

The industrial clusters – the statement indicates – are “spaces of dialogue and consultation par excellence aimed at enhancing coordination between institutions among themselves on the one hand, and between public authorities, on the other hand, in order to raise the challenge of competitiveness of the national product through the development of innovation as well as local integration and handling and the strengthening of value chains for all industrial branches.” “.

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