The third symposium of the Algerian-Chinese bilateral dialogue… Partnership, review of experiences and exchange of expertise – Algerian Dialogue

The topic of practice and innovation in urban governance was the focus of the work of the third symposium of the Algerian-Chinese bilateral dialogue, which was held yesterday, Thursday, through the technique of video-lecture, according to what was reported today, Friday, in a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Planning.
The statement added that this symposium, which falls within the framework of the partnership between the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Planning, and the China National Academy of Governance in the field of training and research, “was an occasion for exchange on urban planning by reviewing experiences and exchanging experiences and good practices in the field.”
The symposium took place with the participation of executives from the central administration and 14 governors of the Republic on the Algerian side, as well as professors and executives on the Chinese side who made three interventions centered on “Innovative Practice in Chinese Urban Management 2012-2022” and “Institutional Innovation in the Management of Giant Cities” as well as “Innovative measures in digitization”, according to the same source.
On the Algerian side, three interventions were presented on “Urban Governance Problems” and “The Role of Cities Governance in Establishing the Principles of Sustainable Development”, as well as “New Cities Governance in Algeria: The City of Boghzoul as a Model”.

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