These are Belaribi’s instructions regarding the Douira stadium – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, Thursday, the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tariq Belaribi, chaired a technical meeting to evaluate what was achieved in 2022 at the Doueira stadium and to set a new road map for the progress of the works and their completion within the specified deadlines.

And after submitting a detailed presentation about the operational center and the management and control building, in which the percentage of completion of the metal structure reached 100%, the glass facades of the external facade will be put in place, noting that the external facade will be decorated with the logo of the football team, Mouloudia Club of Algeria, according to a statement by the Ministry of Housing.

The source stated that the minister gave strict instructions regarding the internal and secondary works of the control center to work at a faster pace and in a 3 * 8 system, and the pace of completion of the corresponding external decoration surrounding the control center will be accelerated to be finalized.

As for the section related to the installation of chairs, a program has been developed that sets deadlines not exceeding those granted for the completion of the control center, noting that 2,000 chairs out of 40,000 have been installed so far.

The installation of the two giant screen structures has also been completed, and the works will continue to install the two screens before the end of next month.

With regard to the playing field, which was somewhat delayed compared to what was planned, the Minister urged the need to continue the works and intensify efforts to immediately start the work of planting natural grass in the middle of next January, according to what suits the climatic conditions, with the start of installing the floodlights, the number of which is estimated at 444. searchlight.

The Minister ordered the Public Studies Office (CNIC National Center) to ensure accurate and timely follow-up of the works, quality inspection, and good coordination between the various stakeholders in the stadium works, whether they are official or secondary contractors.

As for the external landscaping works, the institution that was entrusted with the tasks of the works was given a period of one month to complete all the external landscaping works, and the Minister also took the opportunity to direct instructions on the need to respect the international standards of FIFA and the directives of civil protection.

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