These are the details of the increase in wages and negotiations for its application in the economic sector

2.8 million public sector employees will benefit from the wage increases approved by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during his presidency of the cabinet meeting, yesterday, Sunday.

According to the clarifications of the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Youssef Shorfa, to public television, the President of the Republic’s decision to increase salaries over the two years 2023-2024, so that their annual level ranges between 4,500 dinars to 8,500 dinars, according to ranks, will affect 2.8 million employees and contractors, while the increases will be in the sector. The economic according to the collective agreements between the customer and the social partner.

Shorfa said that the rate of increase in wages over three years “ranges from 47 percent to 50 percent,” as its annual level will range between 4,500 dinars to 8,500 dinars, according to ranks, and he gave an example of this by the increase in the salary of a professor in the education sector, which will reach about 13,500 dinars over the next two years.

As for retirement grants, they will first include 900,000 retirees who are subscribers to the National Retirement Fund for a period of less than 15 years. Their grants currently range from 4,000 DZD to 10,000 DZD, so that increases in their grants reach 11,000 dinars. While 250,000 retirees will benefit from those who were earning 15,000 DZD. Dinars, from an increase to bring the grant to 20 thousand dinars.

Young people who benefit from the unemployment grant will be affected by an increase of 2,000 DZD, after President Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided to raise the value of the grant to 15,000 DZD instead of 13,000 DZD. Undergraduates and graduates of training institutes and even those who do not possess qualified certificates, in addition to benefiting from health coverage expenses (the healing card) are incurred by the state budget while waiting for them to enter the world of work. Minister Sharafah stressed that these commitments ordered by the president will cost the state treasury significant sums, not They are invaluable decisions given that they preserve the dignity of Algerians and improve their purchasing power .

Youssef Shorfa revealed that there are negotiations in the economic sector between the social partners and employers to enable workers to pay increases within the framework of collective agreements.

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