This is how the increases in the private sector are

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security, Ammar Kamari, explained that raising wages in the economic sector is subject to another philosophy, given that each institution is independent of its entity from other institutions.

Today, Monday, Ammar Qamari said during the “Sabah Guest” program that these institutions can create mechanisms similar to collective agreements through collective negotiation to increase wages, adding that every company has financial capabilities that can increase wages.

Ammar Kamari considered that the insurance system, the vacation system, as well as the legal duration of work and the prevention of exploitation of women and children, in addition to grants and compensation for occupational diseases and risks, were inspired by international covenants and became among the basic rights, highlighting in the same context the possibility of amending labor rules and laws when it is proven that they are incapable of Organizing work relations in the necessary manner.

Kemri said that the indicators achieved by Algeria in the field of social justice are very significant in view of the wage system and the social security system, which are the two pillars on which social policy is based in our country, recalling the wage increases approved by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune since 2020, when the national wage was raised. Guaranteed to 20 thousand Algerian dinars after it was 18 thousand Algerian dinars, and exemption from tax on the total income for wages that are less than 30 thousand Algerian dinars, and reviewing the tax scale on the total income that includes all wages and increases by 50 inferential points, and then the last in the month of January. Significant increases for public employment, which will be followed in the coming year by other wage increases in order to preserve the purchasing power of the Algerian citizen.

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