This is what the Minister of the Environment said about the purification of the Harrach Valley – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies, Samia Moualfi, renewed, Thursday in Algiers, her invitation to the industrialists active on the banks of the El Harrach valley to join the efforts to purify this valley, praising on this occasion the work carried out by some industrial units in order to set up a device for the treatment of industrial waste.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of a visit she made to industrial units at the level of industrial zones in Wadi El-Smar and El-Harrach, Mawalfi stressed that “the realization of the Wadi El-Harrach development project requires the industrialists to realize the need to respect the required environmental standards by setting up the necessary equipment to preserve the environment while continuing their economic activities.”

In this regard, my tuners highlighted that six (6) industrial units located on the banks of Oued El Harrach, including 3 units in the wilaya of Blida, have begun the completion of waste water purification stations, noting that “careful” work has been carried out in cooperation with several ministries in order to Statistics of industrial units concerned with the development of environmental protection devices.

In this regard, the minister, who was accompanied by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry, Salah El-Din Belbrik, and a representative of the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry, touched on the contribution of raising awareness and accompanying industrialists in setting up devices and facilities to preserve the environment.

For his part, Belbrick affirmed that 8 other industrial units will be equipped “soon” with wastewater treatment facilities, pointing to the continuation of work on the field by the Ministry of Industry to achieve the desired goal.

Mrs. Mawalfi visited the Biopharmaceutical production unit in the industrial zone of Oued El-Smar, where she was briefed on the projects launched and under way in the context of protecting the environment.

The minister praised this industrial unit, as its environmental facilities conform to ISO 14, a reference tool that takes into account environmental stakes in any industrial unit.

She also visited the “Taiba” industrial unit for the production of soft drinks, to see the progress of the waste water purification plant project.

The minister affirmed the readiness of her department, as well as the Ministry of Industry and other ministerial departments, to accompany the unit in completing the waste water purification plant project.

The project of cleansing and preparing the Harrach valley, which has been relaunched, includes water preparation operations centered on dredging and protection of slopes, the completion of support walls and the preparation of landscapes, as well as the decontamination of the Harrach basin, which passes through four wilayas in the center of the country.

The sectors concerned with the project are the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energies, Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Interior, Local Authorities, Urban Planning, Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities.

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