This is what was reserved in the framework of combating prejudice to the faith of the Algerians – the Algerian dialogue

Today, Tuesday, the Minister of Commerce, Kamal Rizik, announced the launch of an awareness campaign about products that affect faith and community values, which lasts a whole week and aims to protect the moral interests of the consumer and combat infringement on his religion and morals by preventing the circulation of goods bearing the colors and symbols of the gay flag.

The Minister of Commerce, Kamal Rizik, revealed that the censorship interests seized large quantities of toys and school tools bearing colors and symbols that offend the faith and the moral interests of the consumer, with a financial value of 3.5 million Algerian dinars. Affecting religious belief, worth 4.5 million Algerian dinars. In the context, the minister praised the important role played by the security services and the national gendarmerie in accompanying the sector in this endeavor to address everything that harms the moral interests of the consumer, stressing that the phenomenon alien to Algerian society affects electronic goods and games, and the important role of civil society in the success of this campaign and keenness to Pre-monitoring of each product, which lasts a week, with the participation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments, which is an integral part of the national awareness campaign on “products that bear symbols and colors.” that affect the religious faith and moral values ​​of Algerian society.”

The authorities are working to raise awareness among consumers and economic dealers about the risks and bad consequences that result from trading such products in the national market with the participation of several sectors and agencies, and across all the national territory, and the presence of these products in the national market and in our homes, mosques and our surroundings in general, especially since they affected games Children, school supplies, clothes, and even the Holy Qur’an. The slogan of this campaign is “Protect your family, beware of products that carry colors and symbols contrary to faith and our moral values.” Organizing awareness campaigns in public squares, commercial centers, universities, training centers, and cultural centers, and activating interactive classes through radio and television channels, and sending Short messages for awareness via mobile networks.

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