Thus, Moroccan networks were involved in a scheme to sexually exploit primary school students via Facebook – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The interests of the General Directorate of National Security published interesting testimonies and confessions of the involvement of Moroccan elements in the case of the criminal scheme related to the sexual exploitation of primary school children via Facebook.

And the National Security stated in a video report that the systematic and malicious operation dates back to the end of November, when the elements of the Central Authority for Combating Cybercrime for National Security became aware of it. Whereas, the Central Authority for Combating Cybercrime monitored in a “dangerous precedent” dangerous criminal activity that affects morals, According to the same report, the physical and psychological safety of children. And this is through the creation of several groups on Facebook on November 16, targeting children in primary schools.

For their part, the two suspects in the child sexual exploitation case confessed through their Facebook pages to the charges against them. Where “H.B” said that the case began when a private account called “Floria” contacted him, where the chat started and suggested that he enter as an admin in the suspicious group. He added, “He was the one who was facilitating what was being published,” asking the Algerian state for forgiveness.

As for the second suspect, “P.S.,” he confirmed, “I am addicted to one of the pages. A young Moroccan called me, and we used to talk a lot,” indicating, “We were playing, chatting, posting comments, and laughing. He is pardoned. According to the security report, the international network is run by 20 people, including 11 people and 7 members, in addition to two people from Morocco, whose role is to participate in the management of these offensive content.

Whereas, the National Security report indicated that after identifying the identities of those involved in the case, work was done to dismantle the network and close the groups. It also brought 16 people to justice on charges of attempting to harm the private lives of children by publishing pictures and texts. It would harm them and incite others to exploit them sexually.


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