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The economic expert, Hawari Tigrsi, said that the agricultural sector contributes to the gross domestic product by 14.7 percent, with an estimated production value of 4500 billion DA during the year 2022, and employs 2.7 million people, or more than 20 percent of the national labor force. Cereal production, by supplementary and comprehensive irrigation, 500 thousand hectares, and water-saving irrigation systems will be spread over an area of ​​150 thousand hectares.
With regard to agricultural real estate, real estate containers were exploited by rationalizing their use and expansion and retrieving unused lands according to the applicable regulation. However, despite these efforts, the agricultural sector remains short of covering the national demand, which still depends heavily on imports, especially for For basic materials such as cereals, milk, meat and fertilizers.

The legislative aspect is a prerequisite for carrying out local forms
Facilitating and attracting domestic and foreign investments, according to economist Dr. Houari Tigresi, in his interview with Al-Hiwar, is based mainly on the legislative aspect and the extent of its application on the ground, and in his response to what the Investment Law of 2022 provided to the local and foreign investor in order to develop the agricultural sector, especially agriculture. desert? Regarding the agricultural sector development policy, Dr. Tigresi said that the latter aims primarily to support national food security, and all agricultural policies adopted by the public authorities aim to achieve growth in the production of commodities.

the basic

He pointed out that the desired goals revolve around the various agricultural policies around the development of the people of production “cereals, potatoes, milk, olives, white and red meat”, and the implementation of these policies depends on supporting inputs and processing tools, as well as through the intervention of public authorities by purchasing basic materials directly. At stimulating prices, and by providing agricultural basic structures, and also by supporting agricultural loans (Al-Rafiq and Al-Tahdi) and financing the device for controlling agricultural products with large consumption. The price of the price and the administrative price, with the need to find reliable statistics, with the scrutiny of all the bodies charged with controlling agricultural production, even with their mission to the fullest, taking legal agricultural measures. Decision issued on 01/16/2022: Increasing purchase prices of basic agricultural products from farmers to encourage them to double production In order to achieve food security, the purchase price of durum wheat increased from 4500 DZD to 6000 DZD, soft wheat from 3500 DZD to 5000 DZD, barley from 2500 DZD to 3400 DZD, and oats from 1 800 DZD to 3400 DZD, indicating that Article 65 of the Finance Law 2023 authorizes the customs of used production lines and equipment, with the intention of putting them for consumption that are less than five years, as well as agricultural equipment and equipment that is less than seven years, and simplifying the procedures for obtaining a license to drill wells, with the establishment of an office For the development of desert agriculture l’ODAS, as well as the establishment of a higher school of desert agriculture in Ouargla and El Oued, with a review of the prices of phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers. A special program has also been prepared for the development of dairy production, and the re-launch of the gene bank project for agricultural seeds.

The problems and obstacles of agricultural production, the high prices of basic materials in the world markets, as well as the high prices of fertilizers and some inputs, with interruption in the distribution of basic agricultural products and illegal speculation, in addition to other problems such as drought

The health crisis.

The agricultural model depends on the promotion of investment

With regard to the economic growth model adopted in the field of agriculture, Dr. Houari Tigresi explained that it is based on the promotion of agricultural investment and agro-food industries, with the intensification of production for better productivity, the development of rural areas through the development of integrated agricultural poles, as well as the modernization of agriculture and the diversification of production. Al-Falahi, in addition to strengthening control arrangements through logistical platforms, and enhancing their capabilities, while reforming institutions, technical institutes and research centers, and modernizing health monitoring systems.

According to him, agricultural policies aspire to develop agricultural real estate through promoting investment in the south and developing agricultural exports

Strengthening financial supervision, agricultural insurance and social protection

Improving human capabilities and technical assistance.

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