Towards the opening of 515 km of tracts and the completion of 91 artesian wells by 2030 in the Green Dam

The Governorate of Forests and the Directorate of Agricultural Interests in the wilaya of Batna announced their aspiration to open 515 km of forest and rural tracts and to complete 91 artesian wells by 2030 as part of a rehabilitation project for the Green Dam, which will be launched in 2023.

The removal of isolation and the mobilization of water resources are among the most important factors that will contribute – according to the two sources – to the success of the process in the wilaya, in which the Green Dam extends through 35 municipalities out of the total 61 that it counts, and 7 municipalities are located within it with a percentage of 100 percent, which are Tighaniminoboumqar, Naqous, Sufyan, Oulad Si Suleiman, Talkhmet, as well as Takout Akdah. Today, Tuesday, the officials of the two bodies, Suhail Zaboubi and Muhammad Ali Mawda. .

And the governor of forests locally added, “In support of what has been embodied in this space so far, we proposed to the guardianship the construction of 19 water basins with the planting of fruit trees, and a focus on varieties that are resistant to drought and lack of rain, and those that are suitable for the region’s climate, including prickly pear.”

While the Director of Agricultural Services touched on his proposal to complete 48 water barriers and record large-scale afforestation operations extending over a total area estimated at 7,755 hectares to the horizons of the year 2030.

The Green Dam space across the wilaya’s forested areas is currently witnessing a planting of more than 700 hectares of various plant varieties, with the incorporation of unusual varieties in the region such as wild olives, carob and elm, according to the interests of this sector.

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