Transport Minister Kamal Beljoud: The completion of the metro network expansion works will end in March 2024 – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Minister of Transport, Kamel Beljoud, announced that the civil engineering works for the expansion of the Algiers metro network (Ain Na’aja – Baraki) and (El Harrach – Houari Boumediene Airport) will be completed in March 2024.
Mr. Beljoud highlighted, during a press conference on the sidelines of an inspection visit to the sector’s projects in the wilaya of Algiers, that the companies in charge of civil engineering works for the expansion of the Algiers metro network (Ain Na’aja-Baraqi) and (El-Harrach-Houari Boumediene Airport) “have committed to complete the works in March 2024.” “.
The minister also confirmed that “funds and all conditions are available to fulfill this commitment,” noting that the rate of progress of the works currently reaches 80%.
Regarding the management system of the two projects, which includes electricity, ventilation, communications, and internal and external preparation, Mr. Beljoud justified the delay recorded in starting the works for this aspect due to “external factors, especially the Covid-19 pandemic,” which delayed the works from two to three years.
On the other hand, he indicated that “a final decision will be taken regarding the launch of the works before the end of this month,” and this is through “a national and international tender or granting it by mutual consent to a national company,” and that “the budget for the implementation of this system is available and the books of conditions are ready,” as confirmed by the minister, who expects The start of the works “after the month of Ramadan.”
In the same context, Beljoud highlighted that his department “will work to ensure that the deadlines for completing the works of the total system are respected by the companies that will be assigned to these projects,” noting that “the internal and external preparation works will be awarded, in the first place, to Algerian companies.”
In a related context, the Minister of Transport referred to a third project to expand the Algiers metro network to link Martyrs Square with Taleb Abderrahmane and Trioli, where these works will be launched “soon due to the availability of the budget and the readiness of the company that undertakes the completion.”
Regarding the expansion to Daly Brahim, Beljud stated that “this project will be studied during the next year.”

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