:Zabadi: Entry of small brands of cars to Algeria is excluded – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The head of the Algerian Organization for Consumer Protection, Mustafa Zebdi, ruled out the entry of small brands of cars into Algeria, presenting a number of factors that support this proposition.

Today, Saturday, Mustafa Zubdi said in a post on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook” that talking about small car brands does not mean the size of cars, but rather the brand’s classification in the global market, which is often less expensive.

Zabadi considered that the factors that make the entry of small car brands into Algeria unlikely are the heavy cost of basic facilities in order to obtain accreditation, in addition to the small volume of sales that will not cover the costs because they are unknown and require promotion for years. In addition, the car dealership interested in a small brand is prohibited from representing another brand, and therefore exploiting the network of the large brand in favor of a new and emerging brand in the market is not possible to reduce burdens. He said that what he mentioned are conclusions through the organization’s communication with potential agents.

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