Zabadi warns citizens: “Forbidden products infiltrate the Algerian market” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The head of the National Organization for the Protection and Guidance of the Consumer and his surroundings, Mustafa Zebdi, warned Algerian citizens against consuming products without investigating them and making sure that their consumption is permissible in accordance with his religious beliefs after the infiltration of forbidden products into the Algerian market as a result of the phenomenon of the so-called “kaaba” trade.

During his statement to the interview, Zubdi emphasized the spread of the so-called “bag” trade and its expansion in our markets, saying that this trade took on important dimensions, to the extent that it affected even perishable products, where we now find them in stores while they are imported illegally and illegally.

In this context, the same speaker warned that there are some products whose contents may not be halal, which contradicts the moral interests of the Algerian Muslim, which is represented in what his consumption is compatible with his beliefs.

Zabadi regrets that there are those who work in the cabinet and the merchants who buy these products put them directly on the shelves without inspecting them and making sure that they conform to the beliefs of the Algerian Muslim citizen and are they permissible or forbidden.

The head of the Consumer Protection Organization pointed out to the citizen the necessity of differentiating between the local product and the imported, irregular or unmonitored product.

And he stressed the need to investigate before buying any product, as the phenomenon of depression crept even in quickly perishable products, forbidding confidence in any product placed on the shelves.

Today, the organization published, on its official Facebook page, a video of an Algerian citizen warning against consuming the “Oreo” product, which he confirmed is forbidden, indicating this directly by investigating information on this product on his website, which confirmed that the Oreo recipe is forbidden.

the video :

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