Zagdar: Algeria seeks a policy of economic diversification – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, explained that his ministerial department is seeking with merit to enshrine the instructions of the President of the Republic and implement the government’s work aimed at replacing imports and reducing the import period, by encouraging a culture of economic diversification, as the minister says the volume of Algerian imports 2017-2018 amounted to more than one billion Dollars annually, and the amount of imports of leather and textile products before the Corona pandemic amounted to 200 billion dollars, an increase of 3 percent of the import bill.

In his speech while supervising the International Exhibition of Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Equipment at the International Conference Center, Zagdar stressed that this international event that brings together economic and industrial dealers in the field of the textile and leather industry is an opportunity for Algerian industrialists to get acquainted with the developments taking place in this field, and to interact with their counterparts in this two industrial models that Al-Jazaery intends to develop and upgrade them in the future, especially Minister Ahmed Zagdar says, and Algeria seeks to adopt a policy of economic diversification.
The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, said in the same context that the Algerian state is striving at all levels to upgrade the manufacturing industry, and that his ministerial department is working in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture to add economic dynamism, as well as create job opportunities to absorb unemployment, as well as encourage young people wishing to invest in this. field.
Regarding the importance of the advancement of the Algerian industry, Minister Zagdar said that restrictions were lifted on many economic projects that were suspended and suspended for a long time and that they were returned to the interface of exploitation, and a legal arsenal was issued that would give incentives to the national and foreign investor, and according to him many seminars were organized that As a whole, he said, it calls for the establishment of governance between the public and private sectors in all areas of manufacturing, such as the food and mechanical industries, and others.

Nasira Saidali

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