Zagdar evaluates the outcome of the performance of the general assemblies for 2022 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Today, Thursday, the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, held a meeting at the Ministry of Industry’s headquarters with officials of the National Corporation for the Production of Railway Equipment and Equipment “Feruvial” and its subsidiary, the Corporation for the Industry and Maintenance of Tramway Cars “Sital”.

The “Feruvial” official presented the most prominent economic indicators of the complex, which was able to achieve a kind of financial balance for the corporation despite the economic conditions resulting from the global health crisis and the association of the corporation’s activity with one customer, which limits its expansion possibilities, according to a statement by the Ministry of Industry, as it recorded a turnover equivalent to 950 million. DZD in 2022, up 3 percent compared to 2021, with a net result of 174 million DZD.

Ferro Vial aims to achieve a turnover equivalent to 1.6 billion DZD in 2023 after its new equipment and supplies enter into exploitation, within the framework of the corporation’s investment program, and the corporation’s strategy to diversify its activities, products and customers in the sectors of railway transport, maritime transport, especially containers and industrial handling through Producing some equipment and spare parts for the upstream and downstream hydrocarbons sector.

The source adds that the most prominent features of the public complex are its partnerships with the world of scientific research and its ability to develop several products that require precise technologies, in cooperation with universities and research laboratories, such as a crane directed to the public works sector, industrial furnaces for the phosphate industries, glass, cement, bricks, as well as containers destined for several disciplines. …etc.

Commenting on the results of the complex, which employs about 600 workers, Zaghdar stressed the need to modernize the management model to accompany and continue the positive results it has recently achieved after many years of incapacity as a result of its accumulated debts. He mentioned the importance of producing this complex of trailers, containers for transporting goods and some spare parts destined for the fuel sector, in light of the trend towards reducing imports of these products and replacing them with local products.

On the other hand, the outcome of the activities of the “SITAL” institution specialized in the manufacture and maintenance of tramway vehicles, one of the branches of the Ferrovial complex, was presented, which equipped and maintained tramway projects in Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Setif, Ouargla, Sidi Bel Abbas, in addition to the tramway project in Mostaganem, currently under construction.

This institution was able to achieve a turnover equivalent to 4.3 billion DZD in 2022, an increase of 42 percent compared to 2021, and a net result estimated at 1.84 billion DZD, an increase of 158 percent compared to 2021, as it showed financial and economic resilience despite the difficult global economic conditions in recent years.

The most prominent activities and projects that the Foundation is working on embodying for the benefit of the transport sector were presented, including the maintenance of tramway vehicles, the embodiment of the “Coradia” express train project, the Foundation’s strategy for developing local integration, innovation in cooperation with universities and emerging institutions.

The Corporation also attaches great importance to the development of Industry 4.0 at its level, as it is a pioneer in this field at the national level. The organization relies in its management on a dynamic and effective information system through several applications that facilitate communication between the organization’s employees and between the organization and its suppliers and customers. In this regard, Zagdar praised the management system of the CITAL Foundation, which has proven its effectiveness through the results it achieves annually, which should serve as a model for other public economic institutions.

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