Zaghdar: The edible oils factory in Jijel will start production in the middle of next year – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, has examined in Jijel the project for the conversion of vegetables, fruits and olive oil “JUMAGRO”, the result of a partnership between two public complexes, “Agrodev” with a percentage of 60%, and “Madar” with a percentage of 40%.

In his comment when examining the restoration work of the factory and equipping it with equipment, Zaghdar called for the necessity of accelerating the pace of completion of the project, which is important for the state, so that it enters the production stage by the end of the first semester of next year.

This project is among the examples of the resurrection of the suspended public institutions, as a study was carried out on the possibilities and ways of reviving it.

The programmed production capacity of this factory is estimated at 12,000 bottles/hour of juices and 500 bottles/day of olive oil.

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